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Daphne Picks New Municipal Judge
After interviewing four highly qualified candidates to be the city’s next municipal judge Tuesday night, the council chose Michael Hoyt, a young attorney with strong ties to the city. Hoyt, a partner with Silverhill-based Harbison & Hoyt LLC, has provided indigent defense services in Daphne Municipal Court for nearly 7 years. Keep Reading »

Penalties Increased Under New Alabama DUI Laws
In September of 2011 one of the two new acts amending Alabama’s DUI laws went into effect. This amendment to the law requires a mandatory sentence of at least double the minimum punishment for a person convicted of DUI who has .15 percent or more by weight of alcohol in his or her blood while operating or being in control of a motor vehicle and a minimum one-year revocation of the person’s driving privileges. Keep Reading »

Changes Coming to Alabama’s Dui Law
Governor Robert Bentley recently signed two pieces of legislation that will dramatically change the sentencing related to convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) in Alabama. Keep Reading »

AL DUI Impacts License & Insurance
A plea of guilty or conviction for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in Alabama, can cause your driver’s license to be suspended and your car insurance carrier may raise your premiums or drop your coverage. Keep Reading »

Alabama DUI Statute 32-5A-191
An Alabama DUI arrest is very serious and you should consult with an AL DUI attorney if you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. To speak with one of our attorneys call today (251) 945-5300. Keep Reading »

Harbison & Hoyt, LLC Move Office to Silverhill
In order to better serve our clients throughout Baldwin County and the surrounding areas, we have moved our office to Silverhill, Alabama. Our office is located on the corner of Highway 104 and Second Street in Silverhill. We are in the two story yellow and brown historical home. The physical address is 16201 Silverhill Ave and the mailing address is Post Office Box 519, Silverhill, AL 36576. Our new phone number is (251) 945-5300. If our attorneys can be of service do not hesitate to contact us.

AL Law Maker Proposes a Bill on Trucking Companies & Steel Coils
Alabama state lawmakers are renewing an effort to address the problem with steel coil spills in Alabama after several recent incident on interstates in and around Birmingham. It is estimated that when these steel coils fall off of one of the transport trucks it cost in the range of $200,000 - $300,000 per incident for repairs. Keep Reading »

Alabama Law Makers Propose Changes to AL DUI Law
Alabama state lawmaker Senator Rusty Glover, R-Semmes, has prefiled a bill regarding driving under the influence in Alabama. The proposed legislation would authorize harsher penalties for DUI. Keep Reading »

Alabama DUI Law Q&A
The law firm of Harbison & Hoyt, LLC represents individuals who have been charged with an Alabama traffic offence and/or driving under the influence (DUI). We have numerous clients and potential clients who call with questions about Alabama DUI law, so we wanted to post some of the frequently asked questions concerning AL DUI laws. Keep Reading »

Alabama Traffic Tickets & Speeding Tickets Can Really Cost You
The costs for speeding tickets and tickets for other traffic violations have really gone up over the past ten years.  Typically, when someone gets a ticket the only cost they consider is what the ticket costs; however, you have to think about the impact the ticket will have on your driver’s license and/or you car insurance.  Keep Reading »

Time Period for District & Municipal Court Appeals
We have had quite a few people call lately about appealing an AL district court or municipal court case. Many of those people waited until after the time period expired to call, so I thought I would write a quick post on this matter. Keep Reading »

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