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Alabama Traffic Tickets & Speeding Tickets Can Really Cost You

The costs for speeding tickets and tickets for other traffic violations have really gone up over the past ten years. Typically, when someone gets a ticket the only cost they consider is what the ticket costs; however, you have to think about the impact the ticket will have on your driver’s license and/or you car insurance.

Pleading guilty, or paying a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket can increase your insurance premiums, and if you rack up to many moving violations your insurance company may drop you.

Speeding tickets and other moving violations also impact your driver’s license. Alabama has a driver’s license point system and each conviction for speeding ticket or other violation is given a point value and once you reach a certain point level your license is suspended. The duration of suspension varies depending on the number of points a person obtains during a two year period. Here is a list of some of the point values given to certain offenses:

• Alcohol related driving infraction that does not result in the mandatory suspension
   of driver’s license --- 6 points
• Reckless Driving --- 6 points
• Speeding at 86 Miles Per Hour or Above --- 5 points
• Failure to Yield Right of Way --- 5 points
• Passing a stopped School Bus --- 5 points
• Driving on Wrong Side of the Road --- 4 points
• Illegal Passing of a Vehicle --- 4 points
• Following to Closely --- 3 points
• Running a Stop Sign --- 3 points
• Running a Red Light --- 3 points
• Speeding --- 2 points

If you accrue 12-14 points in a 2 year period then your license will be suspended for 60 days, 15-17 points in 2 years results in a 90 day suspension, 18-20 points over 2 years results in a 120 day suspension, 21-23 in 2 year period results in 180 day suspension, and 24 points or above in 2 year and your license is suspended for 365 days. Once your license has been suspended there are typically reinstatement fee associated with getting your driver’s license back.

A speeding ticket or any traffic violation can be expensive. You must consider the court costs, any fine associate with the charge, your insurance premiums, and possible driver’s license suspension or fees; therefore, if you have received a ticket in Alabama you should consult with an AL traffic ticket or speeding attorney.

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